Saturday, April 28, 2012

A great pose to beat stress

Stress is experienced by many women during perimenopause and menopause.
Ongoing stress is particularly dangerous because it can interfere with the proper function of the adrenal gland. This gland assists in the production of estrogen after menopause, when other estrogen sources are no longer available. Women need this estrogen.
If the adrenal gland becomes exhausted, this source of estrogen is going to disappear.
When the estrogen level is too low, our bone density becomes dangerously low too, making you prone to fractures.
Very low estrogen levels cause our body to respond with ailments like acid reflux, migraine headaches, and irritable bowel, among others, increase back and joint pain, damage our immune function so that we are more susceptible to viruses and infections.
That's why learning to reduce stress is so important at this time of our lives.
Wherever possible try to eliminate stressors altogether. And where you can’t eliminate them, learn how to manage your response to stressful events and keep them in perspective.
Learning stress management will safeguard your health, your sanity and your ability to cope.

A great pose for stress relief is VIPARITA KARANI (Legs up the wall)
It is great for varicose veins, digestive disorders, improves circulation, relieves fatigue in the legs, relaxes tension in the lower back and relaxes the entire body.
It is good for high and low blood pressure, headaches, migraines and insomnia.
Viparita Karani is excellent for reducing tension both in the body and the mind. As it is a mild inversion, it has an overall calming effect. When the energies of the body are balanced so is the nervous system.

Contraindications: Do not hold it for more than 30 seconds if you suffered a stroke and have a heart condition or glaucoma.

INSTRUCTIONS;  Sit on a mat on the floor, facing a wall.
Start sitting sideways and slowly bring the legs up the wall in a vertical position, while lying on your back. Keep the buttocks against the wall.
Torso should be in line with the legs, arms can be resting alongside the body.
For maximum comfort, you can support your lower back using a bolster or a rolled blanket.
Close your eyes. You may want to place a warm rolled up face towel on your eyes (you can steam it to make it warm) to relieve tension in your eyes.
INHALE and EXHALE slowly and deeply in the posture. You may stay in the posture for several minutes.

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