Friday, April 27, 2012

my first "power surge"

The other day i had my first "power surge" as i was sitting at my desk.
It's hard to describe the feeling. I was overcome by a warm wave, my whole body became soft, as if about to melt, my mind underwent the same transformation from hard to soft.

I had no choice but give up what i was doing, staying focused on my task wasn't an option.

I just wanted to lie down and let my body be gently rocked by this wave.
My brain was completely foggy, but i felt perfectly calm because i could afford to feel like that, let myself go completely, and be transported by this mysterious wave to the deepest recesses of my non-rational being.

I could just be (as opposed to think/do), and i embraced this opportunity, didn't fight back, didn't try to "pull myself together".

When the wave subsided, it deposited me in what felt like a cozy cocoon.

I was so excited that i phoned a friend to share this amazing experience, and told her that if this is what the menopause feels like, than i am up for it. She should get used to the new, occasionally out-of-her-mind Laura!
I don't know if i will ever gain any healing powers, but i am certainly more in touch with the non-rational part of my being and happy to ride that wave. Bring it on.

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