Thursday, November 8, 2012

The roller-coaster of perimenopause

Never a dull moment.with perimenopause. Perimenopause makes PMS look like a half-hearted rehearsal for the big show: your ovary's grand finale.

Every month your symptoms month your breasts hurt (you can't be pregnant, can you?) the next you have nausea, a metallic taste in your mouth, a few pimples, your belly looks bigger, cannot zip up your jeans. Why is your body playing cruel tricks on you?
One month you have to endure insomnia, feel restless all day, the next you can barely drag yourself out of bed at 10 am. Then you feel horny (or act rebellious) like a teenager, but just before your period is due you become withdrawn, emotional and cry for no reason.
One month your joints are stiff like those of an 80 y/o, your lower back hurts, the next you are doing handstands, bend into a nice wheel and bow pose, feel incredibly blessed at having your old suppleness back.
Your periods become unpredictable like your mood. Your brain is foggy, you forget people's names, doctor's appointments, food on the cooker. For a few hours you are as sharp as you have ever been, then a big cloud envelops you.

You go through all listed PMS symptoms...and back.

If  the perimenopause is a roller-coaster, then yoga is the seat belt that enables me to keep riding.

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